What Is An Oval Brush Set?

Oval-shaped makeup brushes are the latest beauty trend and are perfect for applying liquid foundation and also some powder foundations. The oval brush, the kind which looks like a mini hair brush, has a, much different shape and size than a usual makeup brush, and even though they may look confusing and arduous, they're pretty convenient to use.

The oval  brushes set have three to ten times the volume of individual fibers as conventional brushes, which makes  the application almost magnetic,"

Not only is oval brush set soft, however, but they are also more sanitary, as they're cruelty-free and they aren't made of the conventional animal-hair that most makeup brushes use, which usually attract and collect a lot of bacteria.

 My Makeup Oval brush set is made of mirror back, and this is made from tens of thousands of CosmeFibre, a patented man-made bristle. It also incorporates a unique, curved handle, that's designed for self-application, unlike your typical brushes, which are made for makeup artists to put on your clients.

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