Mac Oval Brush Set Versus My Makeup Brush Set Oval Brush Set

This is my honest review about both my makeup oval brush set and MAC brush set,

So, let's be real, these brushes are seeking to be  my makeup  knockoff brushes of our dreams. At a reasonable price of $40-, it was only a matter of time before our crafty manufacturers in China made something similar to the popular but expensive  my makeup oval brush sets, but don't start cheering and ripping off your credit cards yet. My make up Oval 7 for me is a game changer. The brushes are intended to be used on yourself and provide you with an airbrush finish.

These same brushes can be obtained all over the internet at different prices from various websites.

So here, are the brushes. It came with five oval, three slim and thin, and two cylindrical brushes.

The handles are a sleek black plastic with plenty to give, the neck of the brush bends while you apply your makeup (not only a plus, actually a huge minus.

Doesn't feel like it will hold up over time.)

The handles are not ergonomic, either; I had several hand cramps because of the slim design. Maybe I'm just becoming accustomed to holding the new design of brush, yet it's hard to say.

Although quality varies among the two brushes. My Makeup oval brush set feels soft on my own hand; greater round brush bristles really feel smooth around the face.

They are certainly densely packed, but MAC doesn't have much give either.

My Makeup oval brush set feel soft to touch, when you put MAC brush, on the face expect to cry. MAC left my makeup rather streaky and uneven, plus it is lightly scratched on my face.

I found these brushes to be the opposite of ergonomic, and also because it took me as long, or if not longer to apply  my makeup using this MAC set, my arms and hands were cramping up by the end. You can see the main difference between my $50 My Makeup brush handle and MAC one. Like the My Makeup brushes, the MAC brush includes a relatively straight brush.


  1. It's Durable

My Makeup Oval 7 Brush

My Makeup Oval 7 Brush

 brush or usually has to become replaced every ninety days, though that window of usage grows with the quality of the brushes you get.

 Have you ever picked up a cheap brush simply to have hairs fall all over your face? This is not the case with this  My Makeup Oval brush. It has thousands and thousands of fibers and has a weight-balanced handle, so it is more durable in the long run.

  1. It's Multi-Functional

  Unlike your standard makeup brush, the oval brush is large and sturdy enough for multi-functional use. You can use it to apply moisturizer everywhere, self-tanner, and foundation. The handle is particularly useful for applying foundation and self-tanner efficiently (particularly those hard-to-reach places).

  1. It's Fool-Proof

We've all already been through it: You walk into the sun and see streaks in your foundation, or perhaps a horribly blended contour.  The oval brush shares a  benefit with MAC brush - they blend far better than any traditional makeup brush. With MAC, for the reason that you're pressing the product into the skin instead of smearing it on top of the skin.

With the oval brush, the size and texture of the fiber brush head are significantly larger, which sheers out your foundation, contour, or tanner evenly over your skin layer. If you have fine lines or textured skin, you'll love this feature.

 Verdict: I can boldly declare that My Makeup brush set is  better than MAC brush.

You can get My Makeup Brush Set Oval Brush Sets at the link below.